Hey, I’m Max, I’m an amateur photographer, I love photography. Max Compose is my photography gallery and blog. Photography is about discovery life, explore the vision to the world. You don’t know what you will see on tomorrow, but we can capture now. Capture something beautiful, meaningful, happiness, sadness, magnificent or some tiny object.

Sometime I have climbed trees, stood in the same place for hours and contort myself to the point of needing a chiropractor just for that one shot that makes all the difference. My photography gallery content variety categories, maybe some people will say I was not concentrating on certain type, it doesn’t look professional, I don’t care about it, because what I’m showing to you is about my life. Life, everyone will get the different one, so am I, Max Compose is a platform for me to present all my vision.

The world full of amazing, photography share amazing to the people through the lens. We impossible to reach every corner of the world, but able to browse it by the photo. Max Compose is sharing my vision to the world and you. If you like my photograph, please help me to share or download it. Appreciated for your visit to Max Compose photography gallery and blog.




Gui Yang - Hua Guo Yuan City

Gui Yang White Palace Castle, is a big house in the Hua Guo Yuan town. The front view with reflection of the lake. Human cultural expression.

Irene Temple Main Entry, Irene Portrait Collection 2017

Irene Portrait Collection 2017

Irene Portrait Collection 2017 is the selection of my choice for the year, filter from the thousand photos shooting and only choose the best.

Kuala Lumpur Architecture - KLCC

Kuala Lumpur Architectures

Kuala Lumpur Architectures are landmark of Malaysia was famous in the international. Many heritage building was establish before independent.

Samed Nang Chee

Samed Nang Chee, Phang Nga

Samed Nang Chee Phang Nga Province is a new view point in, Thailand. They were open on 16 Feb 2016. Come to admire the natural splendour.


Reflection Water Surface

Reflection Water Surface gallery. Reflection is the most popular topic of photography, I believe almost every photographer will have one of it.


Natural Wildlife Collection

This post was my natural wildlife collection, as well as my journey of wildlife photo shooting.


Diagonal Line - Leading Line

Leading line can represent the deep of field, the diagonal line lead vision to certain subject, it also create photography energy.


Racha Island

Racha Island was very famous in Phuket. Crystal clear water and powder sandy beach give tourist a unforgettable trip. Very nice for snorkelling and diving.


Sunset Collection

This my sunset collection at Phuket, various location with beautiful landscape, hope you will like it!


Kathu Waterfall

This is a famous waterfall in Phuket, a lot of tourist to visit and play water here.


Pre-Wedding Photography

This is my pre-wedding photography, shooting at famous place in the Phuket Island. We also going to Racha Island, which is a stunning landscape.

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