Surin Circle Clock Tower – Phuket

Surin Circle Clock Tower – Phuket – 388 - Max Compose
Surin Circle Clock Tower – Phuket – 388 – Max Compose Download
Surin Circle Clock Tower – Phuket – 1006 - Max Compose
Surin Circle Clock Tower – Phuket – 1006 – Max Compose Download

Surin Circle Clock Tower at Phuket

The Surin Circle Clock Tower is a well-known landmark in the centre of Phuket Town and can be found adjacent to the Metropole Hotel. The clock and surrounding lawns and garden are nicely lit up at night and is a popular photo spot. Originally this site contained a radio tower which was built in the 1950s, which was later converted to a clock tower. The current clock tower was erected in 2003 featuring a Sino-Portuguese design which is in keeping with the the old shop houses and mansions that can be found in the Old Town.

‘Old’ Phuket town more closely resembles the average small town in Thailand, a mix of old and new, seemingly chaotic streets, and a lively public life, rather than the hedonist glitter of the international resorts and five star hotels on the other side of Phuket island. One of the principal features of a Thai town is a public clock, located in a public place, with Phuket town has.

At night time have many tourist and local people to visit here, there have chair, some people come with group and sit down chatting whole the night.  It also a place for relax after dinner and nearby the main city of Phuket Old Town. This also was a traffic circle, link to the main road of the Phuket town.

Recently Government was retouch up the paint of the clock tower, this photo was take it after retouching. It have new look of the clock tower, new look for this city.  Every year of the Vegetarian Festival, parade of god will pass here, firecrackers will non-stop fire, to pray for peace and wealth, hope everything smooth in life.

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