Wat Chalong – Chalong Temple Phuket

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Wat Chalong – Chalong Temple Phuket

Wat Chalong or Chalong Temple Phuket built at the beginning on the 19th century, Its real name is Wat Chaiyathararam, but you probably won’t see it on any road signs.

Chalong Temple is the largest of Phuket’s temples, and the most visited. Locals and many Thai tourists come to pray and pay respects to several revered monks who were the founders of Wat Chalong, among them Luang Pho Cham and Luang Pho Chuang, 2 monks, who led the citizens Chalong Sub district fighting against the Chinese rebellion in 1876 and with their knowledge of herbal medicine helped the injured.

The most recent building on the grounds of Wat Chalong is a 60 meters tall ‘Chedi’ sheltering a splinter of bone from Buddha. Walls and ceilings are decorated with beautiful painting illustrating the life of Buddha, as well as many donated golden statues.

The central temple is where most Thai people will make merit by offering lotus flowers and adding a small piece of gold paper to the monks statues inside. No need to tell you to remove your shoes, you already know that and the sea of shoes in front of the temple will remind you anyway. In theory you should wear long pants and no sleeveless shirts… but this requirement seems to belong to a past era.

At times you will hear a series of small bangs in quick succession with a final loud bang coming from outside the temple, do not be alarmed. Thai’s can make merit to Buddha by lighting off firecrackers inside what looks like a large brick oven.

Around the back side of the temple, you can find a few souvenir shops if you want to purchase a memento of your visit. They also sell non-alcoholic drinks and fresh coconut.

From Phuket town, take ‘Chaofa Road’ in the direction of Chalong and Rawai. There are two Chaofa Roads: the one you need is passing in front of Central Festival and all the shopping malls. It’s about 10 km from Central on the left, well indicated.

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