Evening Sunset at The Town

Evening Sunset at The Town

Evening Sunset at The Town – 1274 - Max Compose
Twilight Sunset at The Town – 1274 – Max Compose Download
Evening Sunset at The Town – 1280 - Max Compose
Twilight Sunset at The Town – 1280 – Max Compose Download

Evening Sunset at The Town

In the evening, it’s time to finish work. The traffic was very rushed, people will going back home start taking a rest. Some of the people maybe happy hour with  friends. But it’s time photographer waiting for, the most of the landscape photo was taken at this time. Every evening, the sky will provide different cloud pattern and different sunshine colour. This time provides perfect natural light for portrait. Most of the photographer always brings their customer have the wedding shoot on this time, especially at the beach.

Today I was jogging near by house, normally I was did it in the morning with the fresh air. But today I make it on the evening and that will be hotter. When I pass the field, I see the sun and the sky was a perfect match. At this field have a lot of the coconut trees and the sunset was far over the mountain. That’s showing a perfectly balanced structure. So that I rush to take my camera at home and come to the field.

For the two photos, the main object not the sun, but the cloudy sky. The original photo was not the purple colour tint, is the technology today make it. You can take a photo in RAW file, we still can adjust the white balance in Photoshop. Then the final result like will become like this.

I like to take the sunset photo so much, sometimes I will wait before the sun comes down. Because the cloud pattern will change every second, I don’t even want to miss any perfect moment. Some windy day, I will take the longer exposure by add on the ND filter. It can capture the cloud moving shadow, look like expose from the sun. Unfortunately, I can’t get a nice photo of this effect, once I success to capture it, I will post it here.

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