Milky Way – Telecom Tower

Milky Way – Telecom Tower

Telecom Tower – Milky Way – 1229 - Max Compose
Telecom Tower – Milky Way – 1229 – Max Compose Download

Milky Way with Telecom Tower

It was lucky to get this shoot, the Telecom Tower with Milky Way. I was walking in the street to find some target for photo shooting after rain. I realise that after raining on the floor was full of reflection of the water, I found the telecom tower in front of water on the ground, I thought I found it. So I set up the tripod, get a perfect angle, and take many shoots of it. Unfortunately, when I am checking all the photo, I was not even get one photo, because of the non-stop windy, blowing into the water on the ground, so that the reflection was looking unsatisfied.

But the sky of tonight was very clear, they were easy to see the star in the sky. So I decide to change my plan to take milky way shoot. First, I was raised up the ISO to 3200 and 6400, but the noise of it was terrible. Second, I take a few shoot on low ISO at 100 and 200 with more longer exposure. I know that situation can’t be perfect with one click and I was taking a few shoots at each different ISO.

At home, I was combining all these photos together, make the starry night more visible. For the high ISO photo I was trying to reduce noise first, and I adjust the white balance and colour in the low ISO photo, then I blend it together with screen mode in Photoshop. But it doesn’t look like what I want, it seems too bright, over exposure. Finally, I adjust the exposure for every layer by curves in Photoshop. It was took quite some time to get the result like that.

To get this shoot was unexpected, I really have not idea whether it’s noise or real star, but whatever it is, I like this photo.

Photo Gallery

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