Phromthep Cape – The Best Sunset Point in Phuket

Phromthep Cape – The Best Sunset Point in Phuket

Phromthep Cape - Sunset Lonely Ship

Phromthep Cape - Steep Inclines Cape

Phromthep Cape – The Best Sunset Point in Phuket

Phromthep Cape is the most southern point of Phuket, it’s also called Laem Phromthep in Thai language. That is the best sunset view point of this region, abundant with natural resources. No matter how many times you visit Phuket, you should include time spent on here.  It already developed as a tourism point, built with a parking area, scenic route, lighthouse, and some facilities for tourists.  Within easy reach of Phuket, so the avid explorer has much to discover.

Phromthep Cape - Cape's Palm Tree

Phromthep Cape - Limestone Cliff Cape

Phromthep Cape - Stray Dog Sitting

Most of the visitors just loop around the built up area, but seldom explore in the conservation area.  This conservation area is worth the endeavour for a stunning hike, that is a meander backcountry trail, steep inclines to the end of the cape. Along the way surrounded by plenty of scenic spots to pause for breath and admire the natural splendour.  Also, a lot of  gorgeous coastline and rugged terrain ending in the rocky cliff, each with a distinct environment. Vast open spaces with its stark natural beauty and much more protected shoreline to explore.

Phromthep Cape - Lonely Palm Tree

Phromthep Cape - Cape's Lighthouse

Nightfall in the Phromthep Cape

Every time I visit Phromthep Cape, it always gives me a precious experience. Especially in the evening, it was a pivotal moment to immerse yourself for the spectacular sunset. In order to get a better angle, the conservation area is my favourite point to capture the twilight. Sunlight pierced through the cloud, that seductive colour was lighting up the sky, the views it offers are astonishing.

Phromthep Cape - Palm Tree Sunset

For the purpose of photographing, the most beautiful period of a day is after sunset. It’s remain the sunset glow on the sky, and the mood is harmonious, but it will not be there for a long time. I’m head-over-heels in love with this moment to witness the remarkable natural wonder. It is definitely worth spending an evening visit in area around Phromthep Cape.

Phromthep Cape - Isolated Palm Tree

Thing to Know…

Strong breeze always hits on the cape, that is a good choice for casual rambles, or sit down and relaxing here. Due to the gale, that is not a good ideal for tripod photographing. If you are planing to explore the conversation area, it’s possible to get a havens to protect camera tripod from the wind. Furthermore, you need a touch light, because after sunset there have no any light source. Maybe you will have trouble to navigating the path, due to the way back like an undulating hill, so don’t be too late to come back.

Phromthep Cape - Silhouette Palm Tree

At the end of the Phromthep Cape, there has a palm tree, it’s also the southernmost check point of Phuket. That tree was bundled with some colourful textile for esteem purpose. Some tiny yet oddly rock tower around that palm tree, I have no idea why it will be here and what’s that mean. During your stay, please be respect and don’t simply touch the decoration here.

Other than Travel

We all know, Phromthep Cape is a famous spot in Phuket, but it also a hiking point for local residents. Every evening, the senior citizen ambled towards the palm tree and return. Their visit not for the landscape, but the emphasis placed on healthy. Taking a rest after the exercise, empty the mind and look at the sun down to the sea, it was so de-stress.

Phromthep Cape - Palm Tree Twilight

Beside truly enjoy the exotic and exhilarating landscape, allowing you outfitted to hiking the splendour landmark. That will ingrain in your memory with a precious experience for your trip.

Phromthep Cape - Final Check Point

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