Samed Nang Chee View Point – Phang Nga

Samed Nang Chee View Point – Phang Nga

Daybreak Samed Nang Chee – 3161 - Max Compose
Daybreak Samed Nang Chee – 3161 – Max Compose Download

Samed Nang Chee View Point – Phang Nga

Samed Nang Chee is a new view point in Phang Nga Province, Thailand. They were open on 16 Feb 2016, only half year already attracted so many tourists to visit here. Almost 200 visitors per day, on the weekend, even reach a thousand people come over here. This view point is face of East of the Phang Nga Bay coastline, you can see the archipelago over there. Especially the limestone cliff islands, it will be the most attraction landmark.

Sunbeams – Sun Rays – God Rays – 1924 - Max Compose
Sunbeams – Sun Rays – God Rays – 1924 – Max Compose Download

Foreigners are scarce here, maybe not well know yet. But this conservation area is worth the endeavour for a stunning hike. This is an area surrounded by forest as well as gorgeous coastline. Visitor ambled towards slope to the Samed Nang Chee view point, their body was wet with perspiration. Don’t forget to look back when you take a rest, it was amazing landscape on your back.

Within easy reach are from the Phuket, so the avid explorer has much to discover. All the way toward to Samed Nang Chee, you will pass idyllic undulating way accompany with the lush forest. The natural admirers are in love with scenery along the way. It’s as far away from city bustle as a traveller can wish to be.

Samed Nang Chee – View Point – 3167 - Max Compose
Samed Nang Chee – View Point – 3167 – Max Compose Download
Samet Nang She Resort – Phang Nga – 3195 - Max Compose
Samet Nang She Resort – Phang Nga – 3195 – Max Compose Download

I have not idea about the real spelling of its name, but the board here writes “Samet Nang She”. It’s mean the lady monk with pleated her skirt to avoid get wet. I hope it’s not wrong, because my Thai friend told me the meaning.


Encampment – Samed Nang Chee – 3175 - Max Compose
Encampment – 3175 – Max Compose Download

The encampment is one of the main activities here, visitors can rent the tent for overnight. Because most of the visitor is coming from far away, and waiting for the seductive sunrise. Surrounding here don’t have any accommodation, if you want to stay overnight, the only choice is to rent a tent for encampment. But don’t worry, you are not alone, many people crazy like us stay here for the sunrise.

Amazing Sunrise – Samed Nang Chee – 3188 - Max Compose
Amazing Sunrise – 3188 – Max Compose Download

The sunrise from the mid valley of the limestone cliffs islands, it seems to hold the sun. Camera aloft, non-stop shutter press. Is time to pause for breath and admire the natural splendour. Daybreak here is the wonderful moment of a day, is a sign to a fresh new day. The natural is absorbing the sunlight for photosynthesis to produce the food and release the oxygen. So that the air feels like just getting out of the fogged shower stall.

Galaxy – Samed Nang Chee – 3155 - Max Compose
Galaxy – 3155 – Max Compose Download

Samed Nang Chee is far from the prosperous metropolis, with minimum light pollution, the night sky becomes more darker. Here easy to see the galaxy, and is a perfect place to photograph the milky way. The star looks close to you, blinking and shining to make you silent night not lonely. The forest features with insect chirp, its original song of the natural.

My Trip

Samed Nang Chee – Phang Nga – 3140 - Max Compose
Samed Nang Chee – Phang Nga – 3140 – Max Compose Download

I have visiting this view point with Irene, we departure at midnight around 3:00am from Phuket. First time was a bit scary with the silent way, because that is totally no body or car on the way, unable to see anything both sides of the windows. Arrive in the car parking is around 4:15am, they have people early that us, maybe they are staying overnight here.

We need to pay entry fee 30bath per person, and start hiking to the view point. Here don’t have any lamp, we need a flashlight to light up the way. Actually, they have 2  sites for viewing. When reach the junction, turn left is a short way to reach the point. If you turn to the right is a bit far, but over there is higher and wider view point.

Swing Chair – Samed Nang Chee – 3181 - Max Compose
Swing Chair – Samed Nang Chee – 3181 – Max Compose Download

Each time I come over here, they have added on some decoration. Today I found the swing chair for visitors to relax. After hiking up to this view point, people are very tire, this swing chair is good for taking a rest. Swing on it and waiting the sunrise, the tire body and the soft breeze, that is very good condition to take a nap.

It’s worth to sacrifice slumber and waiting sunrise, after that we are going to have breakfast. That is highly recommended landscape, if you are not yet be here, should come here at least one time in your life.

Photo Gallery

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** If you are interested these photos, please download it, thank you for visiting.

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