Light Trail On The Hill of Phuket

Light Trail On The Hill of Phuket

Light Trail on The Hill – 1253 - Max Compose
Ray Trail on The Hill – 1253 – Max Compose Download
Light Trail On The Hill – 1259 - Max Compose
Ray Trail On The Hill – 1259 – Max Compose Download

Light Trail On The Hill of Phuket

I found a nice place in light trail shooting. I am staying in Phuket Town, Thailand. They have a lot of famous places here, if we want go the famous beach of Phuket, we need to cross the mountain by the way full of curves. Local people were accustomed to this way, they drive very easily. But for the foreigner was a bit hard for them.

This way full of curves. For long exposure shooting, it provide light camber. So every time pass this way, I will looking for the suitable place for photograph. It is very dangerous if choose the wrong position, maybe the car crush me while photo shooting. Safety will be my first priority consideration.

I can’t wait until night time once get the perfect position. I am parking the car at the safety place and set my camera on a tripod, each photo takes time 10 seconds with F18 and waiting the car passing. I was trying and try, it is not easy to get the perfect light trail. The first shoot of it was looking terrify, it’s deleted immediately.

Many things need to avoid, like the bus. Because it have the top light, this will make pollution of light when it turns around. It needs to pay attention to the signboard, some of it will reflect the unexpected light. The shadow of the car, sometime it will be ruined the photo. Also, it can’t be too much, they will look messy and not it order.

After filter all the photo, I just get two of it. This is a good practice for it, so that I know what need and what to avoid. Now I am planning for next time, and I need a better place, maybe a higher place for shooting the top view of the ray trail will be more attractive.

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