Grandmother of Every One

Grandmother of Every One

Grandmother of Every One – 1576 - Max Compose
Grandmother of Every One – 1576 – Max Compose Download

Grandmother of Every One

Everybody has a grandmother, this is my grandma. The people getting old sometime will become stubborn, or maybe has a gap with the new generation, they act some time we will not understand, but I’m sure they have their own world, just like children everything he’s done with some reason.

My grandma over 80 years old, illness around her, and I know many of it will not be cured anymore. Time is getting count down now for her, we can’t do anything except bring her to the doctor. She has some desire, but not too much, and I also know that wish will not get it.

Grandpa was passed away ten years ago, after that grandma was staying alone. She have 8 children, but she doesn’t want to stay with them, I know that it’s only home and only world for her, like the fish live out of the water they will die. Because in this house full of memories of her, so many things happened here, include happy, sad, angry and wonderful time. When I was young, my family also stays here. Every festival, all her sons and family will come back here and celebrate, especially during Chinese New Year, grandma’s house was the lively one, full of light through the whole night.

People say “you can buy a house, but you can’t buy a home”, previously every one of his children was not rich, even after married also stay nearby grandma’s house, everybody was close up. But now our vision is getting far away, our world change rapidly and we are following tight, many thing just throw it behind us, until one day we will forgot it had been existed before.

I am sure for the elder they will always remember the pass, remember the family, remember all the happiness and sadness. That’s why she chooses to stay alone, stay with all the memory. I was a pity to my grandma, sometimes we really don’t know how to communicate with her, because we are getting so far from his world, our gap was too big.

I sure some of the grandma of you will be the same, just put more tolerate and we will be understand their world. I wish my grandma will stay healthy and strong, I promise, will visit her every time I go back home.

The End of Grandma

Unfortunately, on 22 March 2016, she was passed away. I can’t see you again, grandma. All of our family were going back to home to grandma last visit. Only on this day, our family has a reunion after a long time separating. I have taken a photo, the last dawn for grandma. Grandma, I will miss you forever, and I will remember everything you are teaching me and telling me, I will inherit it my the next generation.

Last Dawn – Grandmother – 1946 - Max Compose
Last Dawn – Grandmother – 1946 – Max Compose Download
Last Dawn – Grandmother – 1952 - Max Compose
Last Dawn – Grandmother – 1952 – Max Compose Download

This is the last dawn meet with grandmother, the people say “when parent was there, we are brother and sister. But if parent passed away, we are relative”, is ugly true. After that we are relative. Rest in peace, grandmother.

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