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Hey, I’m Max, I’m an amateur photographer, I like photographing everyway. Max Compose is a photography blog, which all the photo was composed myself, filter and filter out the best one to show you here. I know I still not as good as the great photographer to have the amazing photo, but I was trying and error to get the best shots.

Sometime I have climbed trees, stood in the same place for hours and contort myself to the point of needing a chiropractor just for that one shot that makes all the difference. My photo with variety categories, maybe some people will say I was not concentrating on certain type, it doesn’t look professional, I don’t care about it, because what I’m showing to you is about my life. Life, everyone will get the different one, so am I, Max Compose is a platform for me to present all my vision.

People always said: “Photography is not being to take it, is being to make it.”.  I totally agree with it. Sometime on certain environment, you can capture a perfect composition photo. Sometime, the white balance of the surrounding or maybe lighting are not correct, so you need modify on the computer software. Editing in the software not mean that telling lies, but we have just enhanced the color or some adjustment to make it outstanding. So all my photos are fine tuned to make it remarkable. Maybe in future I will make some surreal effect photo.

My Project

Max Compose’s photos sell stories in print media. My photography blog not only photo, I will provide information about the photo too. So if you download my photo here, you no need do research and you can get it from the blog. Below they are the latest blog with the feature photo, if you like it, please click in to browse it.

I am the person who completed this photography blog. I find out how making it, design it and upload to a web hosting. Fortunately, nowadays a lot of open source for website. So not much knowledge of coding needed and it also can get a great website. Many plugins are free to use, just need to know how to operate it. I also install the SSL (Socket Security Layer) to protect customer data from stealing, your information was fully encrypted.

Max Compose is my accomplishment, that is why my not set the name as Max Photography. I’m composing it all from zero to now, that is my composition, and I will continue to improve it, not only in the photography skill, but this website too.

If you have any suggestion for me, please drop me an email ( Some criticism will make me grow up, I need your opinion to make it better. Thank you for visiting my website.

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