Golden Mermaid – Songkhla, Thailand

Golden Mermaid – Songkhla, Thailand

Golden Mermaid – Songkhla – 1137 - Max Compose
Golden Mermaid – Songkhla – 1137 – Max Compose Download

Golden Mermaid in Songkhla, Thailand

The Golden Mermaid was found at Samila Beach in Songkhla,Thailand. This bronze statue was built in B.E. 2509 (1966) by Jitr Buabus, the former director of the Arts and Craft College in Bangkok. It was constructed with a budget of 60,000 Bath funded by Songkhla Municipality and has become the symbol of Samila Beach ever since.

They was base on a old Thai story written by Soonthorn Phu, The Great Poet Of King Rama II (1809 – 1824). Long time ago, a young fisherman was met a mermaid and she is comb her hair on a beautiful beach on a starry night. The fisherman try approaching to her, but she was frightened by him and she fled into the sea. The fisherman waited around there day-after-day, hoping to return the comb back to her, but she never appeared again.

Samila Beach is the most popular among locals and tourists which is the boundaries of the Songkhla city. The long strecth sandy beach is rather smooth, clean & clear beach. Except the famous Golden Mermaid statue, there have two islands called Ko Nu and Ko Maew (Mouse and Cat Island), it’s popular landmark for fishing and located near by the Samila Beach. According a local folk tale, a cat, mouse and dog were traveling on a Chinese ship, when they attempted to steal a crystal from a merchant. While trying to swimming ashore, both the cat and the mouse drowned and became the two islands. The dog was luckily reached the beach, but it was died and become the hill Khao Tang Kuan. The crystal turned into the white sandy beach.

Songkhla is a city is full of the folk tale, how true of it? They have no body know, but they is interest to know that. Base on limited time, I was stay here for a short time, hope to come back again to explore more folk tale here.

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